Nahani is a female rough-legged hawk who was hit by a car near Bozeman, Montana. The accident left Nahani with a shattered humerous in her left wing. This injury was so severe that Nahani was not able to fly. Nahani was transferred to the GWDC in 2001 and has adjusted well to captive life. Rough-legged hawks are well adapted to life in cold climates - their feathered legs and small feet protect them from the cold. Many nest above the Arctic Circle and winter in the northern half of the lower 48 states including Montana. Rough-legged hawks are often hit by cars as they feed on road-killed animals especially during the winter months. Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s page for Rough Legged hawks is here:

Meet the Raptors:

ACADIA is a female Saw-Whet Owl

CHIP is a male American Kestrel

JAGO is a male Peregrine Falcon


JOSH a male Bald Eagle

TEGAN is a male Great-horned Owl

ZACK a male Bald Eagle

TARGHEE is a male Great-horned Owl

LEWIS a male Turkey Vulture

KEEK a feamale Rough-legged Hawk


The species exhibits a wide variety of plumage patterns including light and dark morphs. Nests are typically located on cliffs, bluffs or in trees. These hawks hunt over open land, feeding primarily on small mammals. Along with the Kestrels, Kites and Osprey, this is one of the few large birds of prey to hover regularly.