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Grizzly Bears at GWDC

See grizzly bears from as far away as Alaska and as close as Yellowstone National Park. Each bear at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center has its own unique story, but they all have something in common; they came to reside here after becoming nuisance bears or orphaned cubs of a nuisance bear. These bears learn to obtain food from people, damage property in search of food or become aggressive toward people and are usually killed. Instead of being destroyed, the bears that reside at the Center were rescued and are ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild.

The bears have a large outdoor habitat that includes many natural features that gives them a comfortable and stimulating environment to roam in. The animal care staff rotates a combination of bears into the habitat throughout the day. Keepers also hide food in the habitat, stock the pond with live trout and rearrange features regularly. The bears are healthy both physically and mentally and exhibit all kinds of natural bear behavior throughout the day making them a delight to watch.

Meet the Bears:


Bo gained access to unsecured attractants and made repeated visits to Rainbow Point Campground near West Yellowstone, Montana in the summer of 2020. While in the campground, this young 4 year old male grizzly, got into a cooler, as well as food from the back of a pickup – he also toppled an unoccupied tent. After repeated attempts to haze him away from the area were unsuccessful, Bo was relocated to the GWDC in July of 2020. Adopt Bo.


On September 6th 2011, the Center welcomed a new resident bear, Coram a three-year-old grizzly who unfortunately became habituated to human foods and garbage. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 1, Coram began boldly walking through town and finding non-natural foods from residential areas. He didn’t forget that easy food source. Once he and his family left the den this spring, he headed right into town again. He was trapped and moved for the second time in May. More reports came in about a bear walking up onto people’s porches and getting into dog food. When it turned out that the three year old bear had been trapped in town a third time, wildlife managers had to face the fact that this bear was not going to learn and would have to be removed from the wild. Coram has adapted well and enthusiastically wrestles daily with Grant.  Adopt Coram.


Grant arrived at the Discovery Center on September 30th, 2011, along with his brother Roosevelt after both were removed from Yellowstone National Park by Park bear managers. Grant’s mother was euthanized when Park biologists confirmed she was connected to two fatalities that summer. Sadly, Roosevelt passed away from an aggressive form of cancer in 2019. Grant has continued to thrive and is an energetic young adult who enjoys the enrichment of foraging for food and playing in the outdoor habitat with Coram. Adopt Grant.


Nakina and Kobuk (who once resided at the Center) were brother and sister who were actually from a litter of triplets. Their mother and brother were shot and killed by a resident near the community of Delta Junction, Alaska. Nakina came to live at the GWDC in 1998. She will entertain herself searching out hides, fish and bones. Being from the interior part of Alaska, Nakina is about the same size as Yellowstone bears with weights between 450 and 600 pounds.  Adopt Nakina.


Sam was placed in captivity as a young cub after his mother disappeared in Alaska. He wandered in to a fishing village where people (young and old) began hand-feeding him, becoming quite the attraction and a dangerous situation. Without a mother to care for him and becoming habituated to human food, he had to be placed in captivity and arrived at the Center in 1996. Being from the coastline of Alaska, he is very large – weighing approximately 1050 pounds. Adopt Sam.


In 2002, Spirit became the first Montana Grizzly to be placed at the Center. As a six-year-old, mother of two, Spirit was known by Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists as “Easy” because of her easygoing personality and was often seen roaming the beach or golf course near the community in Whitefish, Montana. She obtained human food and was passing on this behavior to her cubs. Although she never was involved with aggressive tendency toward humans, it was only a matter of time before a dangerous situation became a reality. Spirit was relocated six times, but continued to return to the golf community even after intensive aversive conditioning. After one of her cubs was killed by a car, officials decided to remove the other cub by placing it in captivity at the Denver Zoo, and then to remove Spirit from the wild forever. She actively interacts with Sow 101. Adopt Spirit.


Condi was born in February 2019. She and her sister Seeley arrived at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in the fall of 2019. They were relocated from the Seeley-Swan Valley in western Montana after their mother had to be euthanized due to food conditioning. Condi is adjusting well to life at the Center and plays with Seeley in their dens and outdoor yard. Adopt Condi.


Seeley and Condi, like their mother, learned to look for unsecured human food in rural neighborhoods. Seeley has acclimated well to being at the Center and likes to wrestle with her sister, enjoys a variety of foods and loves the habitat pond. Adopt Seeley.


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Fantastic family fun

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is staffed with caring naturalists who are very helpful and knowledgeable. How cool is...

Georgia S

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Georgia S

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is staffed with caring naturalists who are very helpful and knowledgeable. How cool is it that the kids can hide "snacks" for the Grizzly bears to find right inside their habitat! The animals were very respected and cared for.

Kids Loved it

This is my second time visiting and it seems to be better than the last time. The displays were well...


Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center


This is my second time visiting and it seems to be better than the last time. The displays were well done and informative, the live bird show was a must. They rotate through a large selection of bears about every hour so the longer you stay the more bears you will see.
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