New Bear Den & Bear Habitat


A new den space and additional habitat for the bears, is officially in the construction phase. We have been working on this project for five years and we continue to reach important milestones each year. In late 2019 we completed construction of the foundation and structural walls enclosing the den space itself.  Work continues. We added exterior concrete to support landscaping and cleared additional land for the new habitat. We plan to see continued progress throughout 2024.

The new den space will provide the bears at the Center with the best facilities we can build them, giving animal keepers even more options for both care in the den spaces and enrichment in the habitat. It will also eventually increase our capacity, with the remodeling of the old den space, to potentially allow the Center to take in more bears. Ultimately, we hope that it will provide even more exciting and dynamic opportunities for visitors to observe the bears engaging in natural behaviors, that will help them better understand the importance and value of their wild counterparts.

We are still in need of monetary support to complete this ambitious and much-needed project. We hope you will consider donating to this great cause.







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