Visit the Banks of the Yellowstone exhibit and see otters curiously exploring their habitat and showing off their incredible swimming skills.

This exhibit featuring North American River Otters, opened on September 10th, 2019. While visiting the building, expect to see the otters curiously exploring their habitat, playing in the water or lounging in their habitat.

Currently, we have three males and two females that have come to us from other reputable wildlife facilities. In addition, the exhibit is home to two western tiger salamanders, two Columbia spotted frogs, a western terrestrial garter snake and a rubber boa (snake).

The otters are rotated in and out of the habitat throughout the day, and spend the rest of their time either in their dens or in a behind-the-scenes outdoor play area. Animal keepers carry out enrichment between each rotation adding food and objects of interest to the habitats for the otters to interact with. This creates an outlet for the otters’ natural instincts for play and curiosity.

The Banks of the Yellowstone exhibit showcases connections between Yellowstone’s native species throughout the food chain and across natural habitats. After your visit, we hope you leave with a greater understanding of the diversity of species that are connected to bears and wolves in the Yellowstone Ecosystem.


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Aspen came to the GWDC when she was 10 months old in December of 2018 from the Pittsburgh Zoo with her sister, Willow. She’s lively and intelligent and a great problem solver.


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Willow likes to explore the habitat searching for food. On a sunny day she can be found napping in a sunny spot. She’s very playful splitting most of her time in and out of the water while engaging with her sister.


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Cliff arrived as a juvenile in December of 2018 with his brother Wade. He’s charming and uses his highly developed social skills to enthusiastically wrestle with his brother in the water or on land.


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Wade was born in 2018, came from Zoo Montana in Billings. He spends the majority of his time thoroughly investigating the pools and crevices for food. He can be seen racing and diving across the habitat.


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Moe arrived from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA on September 8, 2020 at two years old.  He is a strong swimmer, confident forager, and he eagerly investigates new and exciting enrichment to the delight of visitors.


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