Please consider a holiday donation for the love of the animals. As a non-profit, we rely solely on the support of our guests, donors and sponsors.

Any size donation will help with our continuing effort to create compelling experiences for the animals in our care.

We are so grateful for your generosity and passion!

Thank you.




Amazon Wish  List

Go to our Amazon Wish list and choose from a variety of different gifts for the animals that will help with their enrichment, nutrition and health.

Amazon Wish List



Otto Environmental

Otto Environmental engineers and sells unique products for zoo animal enrichment. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the unique species found in animal science, zoos, and sanctuaries - helping animals live their best lives.

Otto Envir. Gift Registry

Chewy is an online pet supply store that offers a wide variety of foods, treats, supplies and supplements for the animals. Wish List


Rodent Pro

Rodent Pro Specializes in the production and distribution of premium quality frozen animal foods, live foods and supplies. 

Your donation will go towards GWDC raptor food and animal enrichment.

Rodent Pro



Specific Needs

Each species has their own specific needs that include:  special diets,  medical care, enrichment and habitat enhancements.

Donate here to help offset the costs of giving every animal the life it deserves while in our care


Specific Needs Donations


We wish you the happiest of holidays!