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Wolves at GWDC

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is home for six Yellowstone wolves that live in three different packs. The wolves were born in captivity and are unable to live in the wild. The facilities they were born in did not have room to keep them and the GWDC was able to provide them a home. Here, the wolves give visitors an up-close look at their normally secretive lives.

Features such as tall grass, logs, trees and a pond with a waterfall give the wolves a very comfortable natural home. The keepers provide plenty of stimulation by hiding bones or sprinkling spices and other unusual scents. Live trout are added to the pond during the summer. A natural diet of elk and deer meat, hides and bones are provided by local hunters and meat processors.

Meet the Wolves:

The Granite Pack

In the wild, wolf packs are constantly changing. As Alpha wolves try to maintain their dominance over pack members, lower-ranking wolves look for opportunities to move up the hierarchy. As a result, wolves often disperse from their packs to join others or form new ones. Due to behaviors similar to those of wolves in the wild, Summit and Adara were recently re-introduced and have since formed their own cohesive Granite Wolf Pack. Adara was born in 2009 and is named for one of the brightest stars in the sky. She is full of energy and has a playful personality. Summit was born in 2007 and is named after the top of a mountain. He is very light in color and has an unusual fold on the tip of his right ear. Adopt the Granite Pack.

High Country Pack

The High Country Pack consists of two wolves, McKinley and Leopold. These two brothers arrived at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center as a 15-day-old captive born pups in the spring of 2006. Due to his size, McKinley was named after the massive Mount McKinley in Alaska. He is an ash-colored grey wolf, with a long narrow face and light brown eyes. He is the largest wolf at the Center, weighing about 125 pounds. Leopold was named after conservationist Aldo Leopold and for the Leopold Pack, the first naturally forming wolf pack in Yellowstone after the reintroduction of the gray wolf in 1995. He has a broad face and is black in color with unique brown markings. This pack can be heard howling with the Center’s other wolves in the early morning hours and again at dusk. Visitors have been delighted to learn about and appreciate different aspects of wolf behavior by observing this pack through the windows of the Naturalist Cabin. Adopt the High Country Pack.

River Valley Pack

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center’s River Valley pack consists of two wolves, Akela and Kootenai. They arrived at the Center as 5-week-old pups in the spring of 2007 from another captive facility in Montana. Akela is a bold and tenacious wolf and was named after the leader of the wolf pack in the story “Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. She has a beautiful light ash-colored coat with gorgeous amber eyes. Her brother Kootenai was named after Kootenai National Forest in Montana and the Kootenai Native American Tribe in Idaho. He has a narrow head with a fluffy light grey coat. Kootenai has a very playful personality and enjoys playing games of tag with Akela. They often howl back & forth with the Center’s other wolf packs. Adopt the River Valley Pack.


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What our Guests Say!

Fantastic family fun

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is staffed with caring naturalists who are very helpful and knowledgeable. How cool is...

Georgia S


Georgia S

The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is staffed with caring naturalists who are very helpful and knowledgeable. How cool is it that the kids can hide "snacks" for the Grizzly bears to find right inside their habitat! The animals were very respected and cared for.

Kids Loved it

This is my second time visiting and it seems to be better than the last time. The displays were well...




This is my second time visiting and it seems to be better than the last time. The displays were well done and informative, the live bird show was a must. They rotate through a large selection of bears about every hour so the longer you stay the more bears you will see.
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