Make a lasting  impression -  become a tile donor

Consider a COMMEMORATIVE TILE for a timeless heart felt  gift  - a lasting tribute for someone you love.

Your personalized engraved tile will be placed on the front of the Banks of the Yellowstone River Otter Exhibit building (in the clay-colored shaded area pictured above).

This exhibit building helps to enhance our mission giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the importance of riparian habitats where they can visually experience the diversity of wetlands and how all members of the ecosystem are interconnected.

The tiles come in three sizes (in inches):

4" × 8" has room for four lines of text with 21 characters per line – $225

8" × 8" has room for eight lines of text with 21 characters per line – $550

12" × 12" has room for 12 lines of text with 25 characters per line – $1,100

*Please note, a space counts as a character.

We are unable to add any photographs, illustrations or graphics on the tiles.

All shipping, handling and engraving are included.

All tile donations are tax-deductible.


Your donation supports our continuing effort to create compelling experiences for the animals and visitors at the Center.


Tile 4

Tile 4" x 8"

Tile Donation
Tile 8

Tile 8" x 8"

Tile Donation
Tile 12

Tile 12" x 12"

Tile Donation